Retired skilled trades worker wins the lottery after playing the same numbers

After playing his regular lottery numbers, retirement is going to be much more comfortable for one retiree.

Lasalle, Ontario, resident Thomas Staszuk is a father and grandfather who used to be a skilled trades worker. When he plays the lottery, he adds Encore, chooses a combination of quick picks, and plays his own numbers, something he’s done for many years.

One day, Staszuk bought a Lotto 6/49 ticket. At the time, the Gold Ball jackpot was worth $10 million, and as always, he made sure to add Encore. 

One Saturday, he stopped at a store to scan his tickets.

“I went in to get a newspaper and to check my tickets. I scanned it and heard the little tune. I looked at the screen and thought there was no way!” he recalled. “I was in disbelief.”

Lasalle, Ontario, resident Thomas Staszuk (OLG)

Staszuk matched the last six of seven Encore numbers in the exact order and won $100,000 in the March 9 Lotto 6/49 draw.

After finding out about his first big win, he immediately shared the news with his wife.

“I went home in disbelief. My wife asked me, ‘What’s wrong?’ and I showed her the validation slip. She couldn’t believe it either,” said Staszuk. “She smiled and we shared a big hug. I never dreamt I’d win this much. It is exhilarating!”

While at the OLG Prize Centre in downtown Toronto to pick up his windfall, he said that he already has plans for his money.

“I will give back to my community, as it has been so good to me and my family,” he said. “My wife and I will also celebrate this win with a trip somewhere warm with beautiful beaches.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Mac’s on Malden Road in Lasalle.