This sober Hike Rave could be the most Vancouver event ever

For all those times you’ve wished you were hiking instead of at a rave (or vice versa), this extremely Vancouver event could be the best of both worlds.

Starting this month, Jacques W. Martiquet (aka The Party Scientist) will be hosting the annual Sober Hike Rave, and everyone is invited to dance their way up a mountain.

Thousands of participants have already signed up through Martiquet’s WhatsApp group to participate in the outdoor events scheduled for April 26, April 27, and June 15. The event host is ready to lead everyone on a fun and inclusive adventure.

“Hike Raves are my favourite event,” Martiquet told Daily Hive in an interview. “It’s all about combining the best things for the human body — joy, music, connection, and nature. It’s all a natural antidepressant.

“April 26 and 27 are Extreme Editions which are steep and fast-paced. We’re not going to be dilly-dallying. We’re going to be dancing up a mountain. I’ll be hosting another hike rave for beginners and those new to physical exercise on June 15.”

Sober Hike Rave

Sober Hike Rave/The Party Scientist

The Party Scientist explained that he communicates the meeting point on the day of each Sober Hike Rave because authorities have shut down the event in the past.

“I only give the meeting point to attendees who have completed a registration process emphasizing safety. The hike will feature music on mobile speakers and will be three hours long.”

Martiquet previously shared several guidelines on how to best enjoy The Party Scientist’s events, such as Sober Hike Raves.

  • Natural Euphoria: Get high off each other, not alcohol or drugs. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs to this event.
  • Inclusion: Invite people to join instead of judging people who feel excluded.
  • Respect: Behave courteously. Practice consent. Think about your impact on others before doing.
  • Leave No Trace: Respect the community in which you party.
Sober Hike Rave

Sober Hike Rave/The Party Scientist

Participants are also reminded that because a hike will be involved, good shoes and a water bottle are necessary.

“I have two educational passions — teaching people how to access more natural joy and teaching people how to optimize their physical and mental energy through biohacking,” added Martiquet. “It turns out that joy is an important ingredient for our mental and physical health, so the two fit nicely together.”

If hiking isn’t quite your jam, you can make plans for the upcoming Bike Rave, Fountain Rave, and Playground Rave events in May and June.

When: April 26, April 27 and June 15, 2024
 Starts at 7 pm
The Hike Rave’s location will be released the day of the event
Cost: By donation

With files from Simran Singh