“Heat event”: BC could start seeing summer weather as early as next weekend

Summer is just around the corner, and even though recent weather in Vancouver and parts of BC feels more like fall, that could all change next weekend.

At a press conference on Friday morning, Armel Castellan, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, provided an update on what kind of weather we could expect to see in Vancouver this summer.

While summer doesn’t begin until June 20, we could start seeing a bit of a dry spell as early as next weekend.

“We will stay in cooler temperatures for another six or so days before we go into a heat event next weekend or late next week and likely remain in warmer probabilities for the rest of the month,” said Castellan.

He adds that we will not know how strong this heat event will be until we get closer to it.

Temperatures have been hovering around 15˚C for the last week, but the forecast suggests we’ll finally hit 20˚C starting Wednesday.

vancouver summer weather

Environment and Climate Change Canada

There’s a chance that next weekend’s weather event could prompt a special weather statement or heat warning, but we won’t know until we get closer.

If the forecast meets the criteria for that warning, we’ll likely see it early next week.

Despite the potential looming summer heat event for BC, the weather forecast shows we’re going to get lots of moisture first. Castellan even says that there are some signs of an atmospheric river-type event in the cards.

“It resembles a lot of storms that we would see maybe in October.”

If you’ve been waiting for the heat, you’ll probably get it next weekend, but you’ll need your umbrellas for just a bit longer.

Are you excited about hotter weather or do you prefer mild summers? Let us know in the comments.