Richmond ring rightfully returned: RCMP

The Richmond RCMP is thanking a good Samaritan for turning in an engagement ring worth more than $6,000.

Police say the owner reported the engagement ring, described as white gold with multiple diamonds, and appraised at $6,200, as lost on April 22.

When it was turned in days later, Mounties say they managed to track it back to the owner because of a unique serial number.

Thanks to the finder’s “vigilance” and “honesty,” police say the rightful owner was immensely grateful for its return.

RCMP Chief Supt. Derek Chauhan says, “Our community is strengthened by the integrity and goodwill of individuals who look out for one another.”

The Richmond RCMP is encouraging all residents to report lost items, explaining that the story of the ring is a testament to the positive impact each individual can make.