Emerson the elephant seal treks over 200km back to Victoria after relocation

Emerson, the renowned elephant seal, has embarked on quite the adventure recently.

Since his first sighting in Sooke in May, Emerson has been moved around five times. Most notably, he was hanging around near the Gorge Waterway in Saanich.

Unfortunately, the presence of onlookers became a bit too much for Emerson, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) transported him to the Ucluelet area last week.

But it looks like Emerson could not resist the allure of Victoria, and he returned to find solace at Gonzalez Beach, and now, McNeill Bay. Caution tape has been put up around him to protect him.

Remarkably, the 225-kilogram seal averaged 34 kilometres per day during his six-day journey, as reported by the DFO.

During seals’ bi-annual moult, they shed their outer layer of skin and fur, an intense process that requires a safe space. If onlookers persist in getting too close to — or touching — Emerson, the hefty fellow might find himself relocated once again.

Volunteers for the DFO are at Mcneill Bay ensuring people are respecting Emerson’s space. If you happen to spot Emerson the famous elephant seal, the DFO urges you to keep your distance.