SkyTrain surfer goes on dangerous ride in Vancouver

A video of a man “SkyTrain surfing” is under investigation by police after it was shared online depicting the dangerous act recently in Metro Vancouver.

In the video, you can see the man’s arm holding onto the outside of the Expo Line train car as it travels at high speeds towards downtown Vancouver during the daytime.

He’s filming in the narrow space between two of the cars, and when he tilts the camera down, you can see the track moving swiftly just a short distance from where his feet are resting on the narrow ledge of each car.

The video also shows a cable connecting the two cars, and it’s believed he was holding on with only one hand as he needed the other hand to hold the camera.

It was posted to social media last week by Instagram user nightrunner45, who has shared several death-defying videos in recent months. He says in his bio that he’s Canadian and is 23 years old.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police are aware that he’s not the only one doing stunts like these, but warns about the risks.

“Acts like these may give rise to social media viewers/followers however they are extremely dangerous and could result in life long injuries or death. Riding, standing or holding onto the exterior of a transit vehicle is an offence punishable by fine or charges could be pursued criminally,” Transit Police said.

At one point, a commenter asked how he got there, and he responded, “From the platform.”

“But did no one stop you?” the same user asked.

“Who would do something like that😂” he responded.

It appears he was captured as he went from the Main Street-Science World Station to Stadium-Chinatown Station, where there are CCTV cameras.

It’s not the first time someone has ridden the SkyTrain in a dangerous way. In 2021, a pair of kids were spotted on top of the Canada Line Train, and a photo began circulating of their joyride on social media.

Kids spotted riding on top of moving SkyTrain

Two individuals spotted riding on top of a train on SkyTrain Canada Line at Lansdowne Station on November 16, 2021. (Dee Farrugia)

At the time, police said doing something like that was “stupid.”

In regards to the most recent incident, Transit Police say they will have more information to provide as they investigate.