A new “luxury” airline for dogs has launched — will it be flying to Canada?

Dogs can soon be jet setters thanks to a new charter plane service that aims to take pups (and their humans) on comfortable and luxurious flights.

Bark — the dog toy company behind the BarkBox treat subscription service —has introduced Bark Air, which it describes as “the world’s first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs first, and their human companions second, enabling them to travel together comfortably and conveniently.”

According to a press release, Bark Air aims to alleviate the stress and discomfort dogs often experience during air travel, by allowing them to sit comfortably in the main cabin with their owners.

While some commercial airlines allow canines on flights, it is restrictive. Smaller pups are confined to carriers that fit under their owners’ front seat and larger dogs are placed in crates that are only permitted in cargo.

“Recognizing these challenges, and the increasing demand for an accessible solution, Bark Air presents a more fun — and humane — option for dogs travelling with their two-legged human companions,” stated Bark Air.

How does Bark Air work?

Bark Air promises “luxurious” flights for pups by “[taking] the white glove experience typical of a human’s first-class experience” and providing it to its furry flyers.

Upon booking, dog owners will be contacted by Bark Air’s team to collect further information about their pups, to create the best flight experience possible.

On the day of travel, dogs and their owners will be welcomed at the gate to socialize and prepare them for the flight. Bark Air staff will also monitor the dogs to see how they are adapting to the new environment and if they require further assistance before boarding, or while flying.

Once boarding is complete, dogs will be able to live it up. According to Bark Air, its furry passengers will be served “their beverage of choice” during takeoff and landing to “ensure they do not experience any ear discomfort commonly caused by changes in cabin pressure.”

A variety of treats, snacks and special surprises will also be provided during the flight.

A Bark Air ticket allows one owner to travel with their dog but additional passes can be purchased if more than one person is looking to fly.

The service also requires all (human) passengers to be 18 or older.

While owners are welcome to bring carriers on board, Bark Air says they are not required.

“We designed this entire experience for dogs first” stated the company’s FAQ page, noting that dogs can sit on laps, seats, or even their dog beds.

The charter flights are suited for 15 dogs and their owners. However, Bark Air notes that no more than 10 tickets will be sold per flight to ensure ample room and comfort.

Bark Air is accepting bookings but options are limited as the services currently only fly to and from the New York City metro area via Westchester County Airport (HPN), the Los Angeles area via Van Nuys (VNY) and London, England, via Stansted Airport (STN).

The flights also don’t come cheap. A one-way trip starts at a whopping US$6,000, which includes fare for one dog and its owner.

Bark Air

Bark Air

The first Bark Air flight is scheduled to take off from Westchester County Airport on May 23.

While some social media users were excited about the “luxurious” option to fly with their dogs, others weren’t too happy with the price and were skeptical about the service.

“I personally would do anything to avoid putting my large dogs under an aircraft for an international flight,” wrote one Instagram user.

“Was so excited for this but am mind blown at the $6,000 price tag,” said another person on one of Bark Air’s posts. “Hopefully, y’all can make this much more affordable in the future.”

“Can we get a budget version soon please?” added another.

On its website, Bark Air stated that it is looking to bring costs down “significantly” as it scales its business.

Will the service expand to Canada?

While Bark Air’s flights are currently limited, it notes that it is looking to expand route options in the near future.

“While we’re starting with the NYC, Los Angeles, and London metro areas, we’ll be adding more domestic and international routes soon,” stated the company.

Daily Hive reached out to the airline to see if and when they could add routes to and from Canada.

In an emailed response, a company representative said its current goal is “to build something great for dogs and their people to travel together in a comfortable, fun, and affordable way.”

“Over time, our goal is to expand to make this service available to everyone who wants to travel with their dog, across any routes, at more affordable prices,” they added.

So, fingers and paws crossed that Canadian pups will get to enjoy these luxurious flights sometime soon.

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