A&W is teasing the comeback of a fan favourite menu item and people are losing it

Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you A&W is home to the burger family. But the OGs know that one of these fan-favourite menu items isn’t a burger at all, but actually the Whistle Dog. Now, it looks like the burger chain is teasing its return.

The A&W Whistle Dog was a delicious hot dog nested in a toasted bun topped with relish, cheddar cheese and bacon.

It’s the only previously discontinued A&W menu item that has been brought back by sheer fan demand. Fans have petitioned and flooded social media with comments begging for the Whistle Dog’s return. Now, it looks like A&W is responding.

The excitement all started with a post on May 6, in which A&W posted a screenshot on X of someone saying, “missing the days when A&W had whistle dogs rn,” with no other commentary other than “🤔”.

Then, things got a little bit more serious. A&W Canada’s TikTok page posted what it says is an AI-generated video where they said they gave it the prompt “the most beloved hot dog of all time.” The video shows someone presenting a hot dog. However, it’s not confirmed whether this is actually the Whistle Dog or not.

@awcanadaIt’s true tho 🌭🌭🌭♬ Hot Dog – Toby Glider

An Instagram post and another X post went up with more screenshots of people begging for the Whistle Dog.

Additionally, each of A&W’s social media bios now includes some mention of a hotdog. Instagram and X says, “Proud to serve Canada’s best tasting burger… and hot dog?” while TikTok says, “Burgers 🍔 Root Beer 🍺 Onion Rings 🧅 …. and Hot Dogs? 🌭”

So what does this mean?! Quite frankly, we have no idea. We’re just crossing our fingers that it’s the return of the Whistle Dog. Many people have left comments on A&W’s posts sharing a similar sentiment.

“yall bring them back permanently pls,” said one Instagram user.

“I’m way too excited about this tease,” said another.

“Is this going to happen for real?!” said a third

“guys don’t play with me !!,” added another user.

Do you want to see the return of the A&W Whistle Dog? Let us know in the comments.