BC’s Weather Forecast Says Polar Vortex Will Bring Frigid Air & Vancouver Faces A Deep Freeze

Bundle up, B.C., because a blast of cold air is about to send temperatures plummeting across the province.

B.C.’s weather forecast says an Arctic outflow will bring frigid cold to the region, with some areas set to see wind chill values as low as -45 C this weekend.

The blast of icy temperatures is courtesy of a polar vortex, which is sending a mass of Arctic air across Western Canada.

According to The Weather Network, below-freezing daytime highs are forecast across B.C. on Friday, with Vancouver seeing a high of only -7 C.

Other regions will be bitterly cold with double-digit negative daytime highs, including Prince George, which is set to only reach -28 C, and Whistler, which will see a high of -20 C.

Extreme cold warnings and Arctic outflow warnings are in place for multiple regions, with Environment Canada warning that wind gusts combined with the low temperatures are creating “dangerous windchill values.”

In Vancouver, wind gusts of up to 60 kilometres per hour will make things feel like – 20 C, with the wind chill values beginning on Thursday night and lasting into the weekend, according to Environment Canada.

On the extreme side of things, areas in south-eastern B.C. such as Golden could see wind chill values between -35 C and -40 C into the weekend.

North of Vancouver, Whistler is set to see wind chill values as cold as -30 C, according to Environment Canada.

“Frostbite and hypothermia can occur within minutes if adequate precautions are not taken when outdoors. Any skin exposure will result in frostbite,” says the national weather agency.

If you’re going outside, be sure to dress warmly in layers, stay dry, and cover as much exposed skin as possible to avoid frostbite.

Thankfully, the freezing windchill values are expected to moderate by the end of the weekend, with Vancouver set to see a high of 3 C by Monday.

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