BC’s summer weather forecast — thunderstorms, poor air quality, and more on the way

Vancouver’s summer weather forecast is out and it looks like British Columbians can expect hot temperatures as well as a mixture of conditions.

According to the Weather Network, most of Canada will see warmer-than-normal temperatures and fewer rainy days between June and August, but that’s not necessarily the case for B.C.

TWN says B.C. is expected to have a “typical summer,” including Vancouver and Victoria.

That means there will be periods of hot weather, especially in the interior in places like Kelowna and Kamloops.

However, the heat will be “less persistent and less severe” than British Columbians have seen during recent summers.

“This summer will also bring the typical periods of dry weather, but scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to be more numerous and widespread than they have been during the past few summers,” TWN said in a news release.

Wildfires will continue to be a big concern in B.C. throughout the season, along with smoke and poor air quality.

As for the rest of Canada, other provinces like Ontario and Quebec will see hotter temperatures.

“This summer will feature widespread heat across the country, with most Canadians experiencing normal to above normal temperatures,” Chris Scott, chief meteorologist with the Weather Network says.

“However, too much heat can bring risks, including the threat for localized drought conditions and a heightened risk for wildfires and poor air quality.”

Make sure you use precautions when you’re out this summer, including wearing sunscreen, and hats and protecting yourself when there’s wildfire smoke.

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