Weekend winner: Canadian lottery player becomes an instant millionaire

What would you do with a million dollars? After winning in the recent draw, one lucky lottery player will soon be able to make plans with their windfall.

The Lotto Max draw on Friday, May 10, was a big one. The total prize pool was $59 million, which included a $55 million jackpot and an estimated four Maxmillions prizes. The winning numbers for this draw were 02, 04, 14, 28, 29, 30, 43, and bonus 34, but no one won the top prize or the second prize worth $223,632.80.

However, someone will wake up $1 million richer this weekend after matching the Maxmillions winning numbers 5, 6, 16, 19, 44, 47, and 49. According to PlayNow, that winning ticket was sold in Quebec.

The Lotto Max Extra winning numbers were 2, 49, 53, and 58, but no one won the $500,000 prize. The Encore winning number was 2598929, but no one won the $1 million prize.

The next Lotto Max draw is set to be an even bigger one. It will take place on Tuesday, May 14, and the prize pool will be worth $66 million. The jackpot will be $60 million, and there are an estimated six Maxmillions prizes to be won.

All forms of gambling, including the lottery, involve risk and outcomes are based on chance. Individuals are strongly advised to gamble responsibly. If you are experiencing any signs of gambling-related issues, you can find resources here.