Vancouver’s highly anticipated 4/20 event at Sunset Beach nowhere to be seen

Sunset Beach is usually the hotspot for Vancouver’s much-anticipated 4/20 festivities. Unfortunately, for those looking to celebrate, the event was nowhere to be seen this year.

In images and videos circulating online, Sunset Beach appears drastically empty, where it would usually be filled with eager people looking to light up.

Previous years have seen pricey damage from the celebrations at Sunset Beach, and as such, the Park Board collaborated with the Vancouver Police Department to ensure public safety.

However, it seems that the police presence completely shut down the event, upsetting many cannabis enthusiasts.

In a post shared on social media, the VPD wrote that they were handing out information notices to remind visitors about the laws for selling and distributing cannabis.

“If you are considering selling cannabis at this event, we encourage you to communicate with police officers present to ensure that you are in compliance with the law, including the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act that requires an individual to hold a valid licence and demonstrate that any cannabis is legally sourced,” the notice reads.

It looks like Vancouver will have to hope for a better 4/20 next year.