Vancouver TV anchors don Oilers jerseys after losing Canucks playoff bet

The Edmonton Oilers might’ve got the best of the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 earlier this week, but it’s not just the players feeling the heat for the loss.

Global News anchors Sonia Sunger and Jason Pires hopped on the morning broadcast today in BC, rocking a pair of Edmonton Oilers jerseys as the result of a pre-series wager for the defeat.

“We knew it would happen, and it did: the Edmonton Oilers, of course, defeated the Vancouver Canucks on Monday night. They are a better team with better players, so we appreciate the fact that the Oilers made it interesting,” Sunger said in a script that was obviously a little tongue-in-cheek.

Vancouver definitely made things interesting in Monday’s loss, cutting the score to 3-2 after initially falling down 3-0. Despite holding a 3-2 lead in the series, Vancouver dropped the final two games by a combined 8-3 score to see their season come to an end.

“I have to admit that I actually already owned this jersey,” Sunger said. “This was a going away present for myself when I left Edmonton. I worked and lived there for many years. So for me, this is an ode to the people of Edmonton, who I hold dear in my heart, so it’s okay.”

“At least it’s not a Leafs or a Flames jersey,” Pires quipped.

With the Canucks winning the Pacific Division this year and the Oilers having been a playoff staple for several years now, perhaps it’s not the last postseason matchup we’ll see between these two sides. But if we’ve got a word of advice for other journalists out there, it would be not to make any bets you might end up regretting.

Edmonton will play in the Western Conference Final against the Dallas Stars on Thursday night when they travel to Texas for Game 1.