This Canadian suitmaker has impeccably dressed over 170 NHL coaches this season

The 2034-2024 National Hockey League (NHL) season has given Canadian hockey fans many exciting moments already — but now, that attention is shifting off the ice and onto the coach’s bench.

Introducing Surmesur, the official suit provider of the National Hockey Leagues Coaches’ Association (NHLCA) for the 2023-2024 season, dressing over 170 NHL coaches with their sharp and made-to-measure services.

Known for its quality craftsmanship, Surmesur was established 14 years ago in Quebec and quickly gained a reputation for exceptional styling. Now with locations across Canada and the US, Surmesur’s precision, attention to detail and peak performance match perfectly with the NHLCA and their shared values.

Each Surmesur piece is custom-made to a client’s preferences and exact measurements and for the NHLCA, ensures the hype on the ice stays with the snazzy dressing of each coach.

“This partnership has been a fantastic journey into the heart of professional sports styling,” says Jean-Pierre Lachance, marketing director at Surmesur. “It underscores our devotion to custom tailoring and personal service, ensuring every coach not only looks sharp but feels at the top of their game during every pivotal moment.”

Take it from the coaches themselves, who have flooded Surmesur with overwhelmingly positive feedback. “It gives me confidence knowing I’m not just dressed in a suit, but in a suit that’s crafted to stand up to the pressures of the NHL,” said Rick Tocchet, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.

Now with the NHL playoffs gaining momentum into round two, Surmesur has launched a series of exclusive videos showcasing the process of crafting and designing for some of the NHL’s best-dressed coaches at their Toronto store.

Providing exclusive footage of the entire suit-making process with select coaches, Surmesur is also inviting hockey fans and fashion enthusiasts alike to discover why they are the top dressers for the NHLCA.

Get a look at the entire Surmesur process with some of the NHL’s most notorious coaches and get ready for a nail-biting and fashion-forward playoff!