“Potential danger”: Grenade found by someone gardening in Vancouver

Someone gardening in Vancouver found a grenade that the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) determined posed a potential danger.

Minimal details were provided by police about the incident, which they shared via a post on X.

Police said that the person who discovered the “old grenade” was gardening near Olympic Village.

VPD explosive experts were tasked alongside additional resources to examine the device. The post on X states that upon discovering that the grenade posed a danger, it was “safely destroyed by police.”

Following the dismantling of the device, police are now continuing the investigation.

Police are investigating “how it may have gotten there, how long ago, and by whom. All questions we’d like to have the answers to,” VPD said on X.

Many residents have responded to the post with alarm.

“So it could have gone off at any moment?” one user asked.

Others asked some questions, stirring the political pot.

The grenade was discovered on Sunday morning.