“Performative pageantry”: Canadians react to the federal government’s Budget 2024 plan

Reactions are pouring in following the federal government’s announcement of Budget 2024 on Tuesday afternoon.

This year’s budget focused on “fairness for every generation” and proposes over $52.9 billion in new spending.

This includes spending to “unlock” 3.87 million new homes by 2031, creating universal coverage for contraceptives, and creating a National School Food Program.

The full Budget 2024 document and summary can be found here.

Canadians took to social media to express their thoughts about the federal government’s economic plan.

One person said the decision to increase the capital gains tax is a “bold move,” as one of the most significant parts of Budget 2024 was the Liberals’ plan to improve tax fairness in Canada.

“To make Canada’s system fairer, the inclusion rate — the portion of capital gains on which tax is paid — for capital gains for individuals with more than $250,000 in capital gains in a year will increase from one-half to two-thirds. Individuals will continue to only pay tax on 50% of any capital gains up to $250,000 per year,” the government said in a press release following the budget announcement.

“It really is a nothing budget,” remarked a commenter.

One X user accused the Liberal government of “driving talent and capital out of Canada.”

“Imagine a time, when Canada didn’t need a school lunch program,” read a comment, referring to the plan to invest $1 billion over five years to create the National School Food Program.

Another person said that Canadians should be able to vote on whether they “agree” with the government’s budget.

One person referred to the budget as “performative pageantry.”

Some folks had thoughts regarding the Liberals’ plan to “unlock” over three million homes to “solve the housing crisis.”

“Not a hope in hell to hit these targets,” stated a commenter.

Another person said the government “might as well promise rainbows and unicorns.”

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