“…No”: Super awkward “Wheel of Fortune” guess leaves people shocked

A lot of folks were left in shock after a rather awkward guess during last night’s episode of Wheel of Fortune.

During the first few minutes of the episode, which aired on Thursday evening, the three contestants were trying to guess a phrase and the first answer from Tavaris was more than a little unexpected.

The right answer was, “This is the best.” But Tavaris ended up guessing, “Right in the butt.”

After announcing his guess, you can hear a fellow contestant gasp and say, “whaaat?!”

Even host Pat Sajak was caught off guard and simply just said, “no.”

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Hilarious online reactions to the mixup

The internet, of course, did what it does best and reacted to the awkward guess.

One person on TikTok, user @GNunziata1127, commented, “Wheel of misfortune,” while another user joked, “Pat, I’d like to buy a bowel.”

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Comments on Wheel of Fortune post/TikTok

And on X, one person says they were in the audience, and at the time, “the crew implied it was going to be censored.”

Turns out things got better for Tavaris as he ended up winning the game.