Motorcyclist drives down Vancouver bridge 3X the speed limit

A motorcyclist filmed themselves speeding down Lion’s Gate Bridge, and the video has caught the attention of Vancouver police. 

In the video, which was uploaded to an Instagram account in late March, viewers can see the driver weaving through traffic on the bridge. The footage shows the motorcyclist’s speed metre reaching around 230 km/h. 

The account and video with the original footage have since been deleted. There are no videos visible on a YouTube account with the same username. However, a description on the page reads, “Sometimes I go fast...” 

The VPD said its Traffic Section is aware of the video, and an investigation is ongoing.

“It’s clear from the video the driver’s behaviour is reckless and poses a huge risk to not only himself but all other road users,” VPD said. 

“The driver could face violation tickets with thousands of dollars in fines and potentially criminal charges for dangerous driving.”

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, drivers who exceed the limit by more than 60km an hour will be fined $483 and have three penalty points added to their driving record. Police can impound a vehicle for excessive speeding.