iMessage not working? Some Apple users experienced an outage today

If you’re an iPhone user who noticed your iMessage doesn’t seem to be working today, you’re not alone.

Many folks with an Apple device have noted that they haven’t been able to send that satisfying blue message today and are receiving “not delivered” messages instead.

As usual, people flocked to X to make sure that they weren’t the only ones experiencing issues with iMessage.

Loyal iMessage users noted that they “didn’t have time” for the inconvenience of sending normal texts.

And for once, Andriod users felt elite.

Others just felt the sheer panic of not being able to access their trusty iMessage services.

And some have just decided to “embrace the green bubble.”

According to Apple’s system status website, the platform had an issue, but the company reports that it has since been “resolved” this afternoon.



Did you experience issues with your iMessage today? Let us know in the comments.