Heirloom Vancouver is back with a pop-up brunch service this weekend

If you’re generally plugged into Vancouver’s food and beverage scene, you’ll remember Heirloom Vancouver’s transition from a vegetarian restaurant to a restaurant serving meat, to a now-closed restaurant.

Earlier this year, Heirloom announced plans to shutter following a controversial decision to add meat items to its menu, and the establishment made waves online with a locally viral online campaign it dubbed “Deborah-Gate.”

“Deborah-Gate” refers to a person who left a comment on social media criticizing Heirloom, and the restaurant then proceeded to use the name for messaging surrounding its closure.

Last month, the restaurant’s website shared this message: “Heirloom is now closed permanently. Thanks a lot, Deborah. You lil’ rascal!”

Additionally, when you scroll down to the restaurant’s contact information, you’ll see it lists “@Deborah.” The restaurant even went as far as selling “Deborah Deborah Deborah” T-shirts.

But putting the Deborah of it all aside for a moment, Heirloom has reemerged on social media and shared it will be hosting a “fancy little pop-up brunch restaurant this weekend.”

The restaurant will be open Friday to Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm and asks folks to DM for reservations.

The post ended with a word about the future, “New things coming very soon!” — something the account has been teasing for a while now.

Will you be checking out this service? Let us know in the comments.