Fifth time’s the charm: Vancouver home in Kits sold under asking price

A stunning home in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver that recently sold for under its asking price was listed five times before it eventually found a buyer.

3410 West 15th Avenue also sold under the assessed value ($3,822,000), fetching $3,640,000, according to Zealty.

The Vancouver home was recently listed for an asking price of $3,688,000, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

vancouver home asking

Angell, Hasman & Associates Realty

The land value for the home is currently assessed at $2,593,000, while the building is assessed at $1,229,000.

Dating back to August 2023, the home was listed five times, including the recent listing that closed. In 2023, the house sold for $2,480,000, and the assessed value at that time was $2,616,000.

In total, Heller Murch Realty listed the home four times in 2023 and 2024.

It began with a listing that had an asking price of $3,950,000 in August 2023, before that was terminated the next month.

In September 2023, it was re-listed for $3,860,000, before being terminated in October. In October 2023, it was again re-listed for $3,590,000, and the price was raised to $3,699,000 before being terminated in November.

The Kits home was re-listed for $3,790,000 in February 2024, before being terminated in March of this year.

Angell, Hasman and Associates Realty took over the listing in April, listing it for $3,688,000 before it eventually sold for $3,640,000 this month.

vancouver home asking

Angell, Hasman & Associates Realty

Built in 2012, the five-bedroom, five-bathroom home features 2,836 sq ft of space and is located in “the heart of Vancouver’s most sought-after Kitsilano neighbourhood,” according to the listing.

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Angell, Hasman & Associates Realty

The staging of the home is minimalistic and presents an appealing modern-retro vibe.

Angell, Hasman & Associates Realty

Zealty’s property assessment history states that the home’s assessed value increased by approximately $1.2 million in nine years.

Angell, Hasman & Associates Realty

With a five-year fixed mortgage and a 20% down payment of $728,000, the lucky buyer would have monthly payments of around $17,169.

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