Federal workers will soon be required to work in office three days a week and Canadians aren’t happy

Canada will soon require its federal employees to return to work in office for three days a week.

The Treasury Board of Canada’s announcement of the hybrid work mandate on Wednesday has been met with little enthusiasm from Canadians.

According to a notice on the government’s website, as of September 9, public servants in the core public administration (CPA) who are eligible for hybrid work will be required to return to office a minimum of three days per week.

And if you’re an executive, you’ll be expected to be on-site a minimum of four days per week as of the same date.

“This updated requirement reflects the benefits that consistent in-person interactions offer,” explained the Treasury Board.

“These include more effective collaboration and onboarding of new talent, as well as creating a strong culture of performance that is consistent with the values and ethics of the public service.”

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), the union representing around 60,000 federal public service employees, is challenging the “sudden shift in federal office mandates.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, the PIPSC says the mandate came as a surprise to them because they weren’t consulted.

“For a government that professes a commitment to collaboration, this move is not only disappointing but deeply concerning,” reads the statement.

“This would significantly diverge from the government’s stated direction on reducing office footprint and selling 50% of federal buildings.”

According to the union, its members have expressed concerns about inadequate office space that isn’t conducive to productivity.

The PIPSC adds that it will continue to push back against the “one-size-fits-all” policy.

Some Canadians have sounded off on the policy online.

“ALL levels of [government] should allow as MUCH telework as possible if they want to get serious about reducing Canada’s carbon footprint,” reads one post on X.

While others aren’t as sympathetic to the federal workers.

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