Don Taylor and Rick Dhaliwal will host Canucks playoff post-game shows

The Vancouver Canucks are back in the postseason, and the local broadcast media is getting playoff ready.

It’s been a while. The Canucks last made the playoffs in 2020, but that was a different experience due to the pandemic.

It’s been nine years since Rogers Arena has hosted playoff hockey.

The 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs will also mark Don Taylor’s return to post-game coverage. Taylor, the legendary sports highlights man, worked post-game for Sportsnet during the Canucks’ Stanley Cup run in 2011 and Sports Page in 1994.

Taylor, along with his co-host Rick Dhaliwal, announced today that they’ll be hosting live televised post-game shows on CHEK. Donnie and Dhali will air for one hour following Canucks playoff games, in addition to their regularly scheduled weekday show that airs from 10 am to 12 pm.

“We’re going to be working overtime,” Taylor said on this morning’s show. “We’ll be here with your Canuck playoff post-game coverage. No cutting away to whatever the Leafs are up to… It’ll be focused on the Canucks.”

Similarly, Rink Wide Vancouver, hosted by Jeff Paterson, has begun airing post-game shows live in anticipation of the playoffs.

These shows are in addition to what Sportsnet, the Canucks’ broadcast rights-holder on television and radio, will offer.