Customers slam Ticketmaster for crashing during Live Nation $25 concert sale

Concertgoers aren’t happy with how Ticketmaster has handled the Live Nation Concert Week sale.

The entertainment company is celebrating the 10th year of its annual Concert Week, which is when fans in Canada and the US can buy $25 tickets to their fave concert or comedy show.

This year, Canadian music lovers could cop cheap tickets to over 5,000 Live Nation shows taking place all year long.

Unfortunately, many customers reported Ticketmaster crashing Wednesday morning when the sale began.

According to Downdetector, a tool that monitors online outages, over 700 users reported issues on the site at around 10:15 am ET.

Hours into the first day of Live Nation’s Concert Week (which lasts until May 14), Daily Hive chose a random show eligible for the $25 sale to check if Ticketmaster was still down.

At around 3 pm ET, the site seemed to be up and running again.

But the damage has already been done for a lot of concert hopefuls.

Many took to X to share their anger and frustration towards Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

“Thank you Ticketmaster for proving yourself to be useless as always,” reads one post showing a “page not found” message from the ticket seller.

Others assume the bots and resellers have gotten their hands on seats already.

One person questioned whether the service fees that are tacked on to concert tickets are being put to good use.

And many are frustrated with the company for having a “monopoly over the entire concert industry and still not [using] servers that work.”

Live Nation and Ticketmaster have yet to reply to Daily Hive’s request for comment.

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