Canucks jerseys worn by English Bay laughing men burned overnight

People are reacting after the Vancouver Police Department revealed that someone burned the Canucks jerseys worn by the English Bay laughing men statues.

“This is disappointing to see,” said VPD Sergeant Steve Addison in a post on X.

“Especially when everyone is coming together to cheer on the Canucks and enjoy a positive playoff run.”

The post adds that the VPD is investigating the jersey burnings and that the incident took place overnight. Some of the Canucks jerseys seems more badly burned than the others.

In response, some people have called the action “disgusting” and a sign of poor sportsmanship.

Others seem fed up with humanity at large.

Someone else suggested that Vancouver Police should also be focusing their attention elsewhere.

One X user had similar thoughts.

The statues have brought joy to the many visitors, but with Canucks playoff games being the hottest ticket in town and everyone seemingly on the bandwagon, the laughing men have already been attracting hockey fans wanting to pose for a photo.

The statues are called A-maze-ing Laughter by artist Yue Minjundoes and were decked out in Canucks jerseys earlier this month.

With files from Preston Hodgkinson and Nikitha Martins