Canucks’ Green Men returned for playoffs and had epic troll on Evander Kane

The Green Men made their first appearance of the playoffs last night as the Vancouver Canucks defeated the Edmonton Oilers in a thrilling 5-4 final.

This marked the second game of the entire season for the Green Men, who also showed up to one in February versus the Boston Bruins. That was the first time they had suited up at a Canucks game in eight years.

In typical fashion, they were all over Oilers players who received penalties last night, dancing by the glass for TV cameras to capture. As funny as it all was, the best moment from them came early in the second period, when they held up a sign poking fun at Evander Kane.

“Evander… What’s the parlay tonight?” the sign read.

As many remember, Kane was investigated by the NHL in 2021 for allegedly gambling on games, including his own. The claim was made by his now ex-wife, Anna, who has since had numerous questionable incidents of her own, including being kicked out of an Oilers game in Detroit earlier this season.

The NHL did not find evidence that Kane had gambled on any NHL games, including his own. That said, he admitted that he had a problem, and while betting on hockey wasn’t the issue, his gambling played a part in having to declare bankruptcy while still a member of the San Jose Sharks.

As you can imagine, Canucks fans had quite a laugh when the sign was shown.

Oilers fans didn’t find it as humorous, however. They instead reminded Canucks fans that their head coach, Rick Tocchet, pled guilty to gambling charges over a decade ago.

Several Oilers fans were quick to point out that they flashed the sign at the wrong guy, as it was Connor Brown, not Kane, in the box.

Despite this series only being one game in, there is already plenty of bad blood between the two fan bases, particularly online. It should make for some great entertainment the rest of the way, in a matchup that feels like it could go the distance. Game 2 will get underway tomorrow night with puck drop set for 8 pm MT.