Canadians share hilarious “dead giveaways” that someone is from out of town

Canada is increasingly becoming a popular destination, and for locals, that means immediately recognizing when someone is from out of town.

According to Statistics Canada, the number of non-resident arrivals to Canada was 431,400 in January 2024, up 13.8% from the same period last year. As more tourists explore Canada’s well-known spots, there will definitely be some very Canadian things that they’re not accustomed to.

So when one Redditor asked, “In your province, what is a dead giveaway that someone is a tourist?” Canadians were quick to chime in on the little things that make out-of-towners stand out.

From adding an extra “N” to the CN Tower to grossly underestimating the distance between major cities, here’s how to spot a tourist, according to locals.


“When they want to go to West Edmonton Mall” – 

“Cal-GARY instead of Calgree” – u/Sea-Limit-5430

“‘Cal gah ree.’ Nobody local pronounces the second ‘a’ it’s ‘Cal-gree” – u/Paradox31426

“Ran into Europeans vacationing in Western Canada at the Toronto Airport. Going to visit family in Edmonton, Alberta, while I was heading home.

They had plans to visit West Edmonton Mall, Calgary Stampede, Jasper, Banff, Drumheller for the dinosaurs, Great Buffalo Park, Radium Hot Springs, and whitewater rafting, and maybe go out to Vancouver Island if they have time.

I remember saying, ‘You’ll have a really busy few weeks.’ They replied, ‘No, we only have five days.’

Didn’t have the heart to tell them the scale distance and how far apart this all was. I just said, ‘That sounds like fun’” – u/Saint-Carat


“Standing in front of the Steam Clock (which is electric) with their mouth open” – u/Naked_Orca

“When they want to pet the raccoons in Stanley Park” – u/baseballart


“When they call it the CNN Tower” – u/Judge_Rhinohold

“Trying a day drive from Toronto to Edmonton” – u/Moist-Requirement-98

“Pronouncing the second T in Toronto” – u/revanite3956

“When they realize their week-long stay in Ottawa could be done in five hours” – u/clearfullycant


“Bawn-jouer” – u/lucrativebiscuit

“One night, I was walking on Saint-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal and overheard a dude say, ‘What’s a microbrasserie? Is that like a strip club?” – u/Bread_Clerk_5020

“When they’re super excited to visit the ‘underground city’ in Montreal, fully expecting a city below the city. Sorry people, it’s just shopping malls” – u/selfindex

“‘Oh, I need to stop at a Shoppers!’ I live in Quebec, so here it’s Pharmaprix, lol” – u/mitsukai_93