Canadian newspaper blasted for using very wrong photo in Kendrick Lamar story

A Canadian news publication is being dragged online for using a photo in a social media post that is supposed to depict Kendrick Lamar.

On Wednesday, Toronto Sun shared a post on X about a story regarding the beef between rappers Drake, Lamar, and J. Cole.

While they accurately found photos of Drake and Cole, no one seems to know who the photo of Lamar is actually of.

The original post has since been deleted, but people were quick to share screenshots:

The publication has since replaced the post with a new one that actually depicts Lamar:

To say people are incensed would be an understatement, but some are also having fun at the expense of the Sun.

Another X user said, “Stop, this can’t be real.”

The man who is actually pictured appears to be TV personality Scott Evans, who has responded to the post.

Someone has also tagged Lamar in the tweet, though he has yet to respond.

We’ve contacted Toronto Sun for comment.