Bobby Ryan removed from podcast after making fun of women’s sports

As was reported earlier in the week, former NHLer Bobby Ryan was in some hot water after poking fun at women’s sports, and his actions have resulted in some major consequences.

Ryan started this all on Monday night when he told Stathletes cofounder Megan Chayka to name seven players after she tweeted how it seemed everybody was watching women’s college basketball. He faced plenty of criticism immediately, but he continued with several tweets instead of backing down.

Eventually, some from the sports media community chimed in, with TSN’s Chris Johnston telling Ryan to “buzz off.”

Ryan, who last played in the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings in 2020-21, has since ventured into the media world himself, co-hosting the Coming In Hot podcast along with another former NHLer, Jason York, and Brent Wallace, a well-known figure in the sports media world. Wallace made it clear right away that he disagreed with Ryan’s comments.

Despite Ryan’s complete silence on the matter the last two days, the damage was already done. Last night, the Coming In Hot podcast announced they have mutually parted ways with the 866-game veteran.

“Earlier this week, Bobby Ryan made comments on social media that do not align with our show or that of our sponsors and partner, The Nation Network,” read a tweet from the podcast. “As a result, we have mutually decided to part ways.”

Reactions to this decision have been mixed, with some defending Ryan, while others believe his comments were distasteful and the punishment is deserved.

Regardless of one’s opinions on Ryan’s removal, this unfortunate situation could have been avoided entirely. The Coming In Hot podcast has yet to release an episode since Ryan’s comments but generally releases one to two episodes a week, meaning a new one should be released in the coming days.