BC’s most expensive streets ranked by their jaw-dropping real estate prices

Looking to buy a home in BC? Some spots in Metro Vancouver are so far out of the realm of “affordable housing” in real estate that we might only be able to buy one in our dreams.

But it costs nothing to look at!

The experts at Rennie & Associates Realty compiled a list of the streets with the highest-valued properties in Metro Vancouver, and it’s a great way to get an inside look at how the ultra-wealthy live. We combined their reasons with the tried-and-true BC Assessment and, voila, a list of the priciest streets in the province.

Point Grey Road


The view from a house on Point Grey Road | Rennie real estate listing

This street in Vancouver’s Kitsilano and Point Grey areas is “the city’s most exclusive street,” said Rennie. It’s where you’ll find the most expensive home in the province, at a cool $81 million per the latest BC Assessment report. It’s owned by controversial businessman and former lululemon CEO Chip Wilson.

But while Wilson’s mega-mansion is definitely jaw-dropping, it’s not alone. According to BC Assessment’s top 500 most expensive homes in the entire province, Point Grey Road properties are mentioned the most, with 50 of them priced above $12 million.

If you want to sneak a peek, Rennie recommends renting a paddleboard or kayak to see these spectacular secluded homes from the water.

Belmont Avenue

Belmont Avenue Vancouver

4707 Belmont Avenue is assessed at $70,415,000, the second most expensive property in BC, and is steps away from Spanish Banks Beach. (Google Maps)

This street in Point Grey near Locarno Beach houses some of the city’s largest and grandest estates.

Point Grey mansion sells for new record Metro Vancouver price (PHOTOS)

The 22,000 sq ft mansion at 4743 Belmont Avenue sold in 2021 for an “undisclosed” but record-breaking price for real estate in the province. (Sotheby’s International Realty Canada)

“If you’ve tired of your typical Locarno Beach walk, stroll up Belmont and see if you can catch a glimpse of these illustrious Revivalist homes from behind their gates,” said Rennie.

Unfortunately for the lookie-loos, you might not be able to see the lay of the land, as some of those gates are high!

North West Marine Drive

nw marine drive

The view from a house on NW Marine Drive | Rennie real estate listing

Between Point Grey and the UBC Endowment Lands, the value of properties goes up the higher you go up the hill, according to Rennie.

“Many of the tall, modern homes that are perched atop the slope are complete with rooftop patios to take in a panoramic view of the ocean and mountain ranges,” said Rennie.

The Crescent

the crescent

A historic $12 m home for sale near The Crescent | Rennie real estate listing

This absolutely hidden street in the middle of First Shaughnessy in Vancouver looks like it’s from a fairytale. There’s a big, circular park at the centre, and all around it are massive estates, some that are more than 100 years old. Grab a coffee and bring your book to the park and spend an afternoon reading in the shade and admiring the views.

Osler Street


A $7 m home for sale on Osler Street | Rennie real estate listing

Another Shaughnessy Street, this one is “known for its elegant Tudor architecture and rich Vancouver heritage,” said Rennie. Indeed, walk around, and you’ll be able to see plenty of heritage home plaques and read all about the history of these iconic homes.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, peep the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice on Matthews Avenue nearby. The twin-turreted mansion was built in 1910 and, in 1925, was the Vancouver headquarters of the Klu Klux Klan.

Radcliffe Avenue

A house that sold on Radcliffe Avenue | Jason Soprovich

It’s not just Vancouver where you’ll find high-valued homes. West Vancouver has more than its fair share. Homes here have a “distinctly West Coast sensibility,” said Rennie. “Clean, modern lines made of materials like cedar, oak, and stone juxtapose the wild nature of the West Coast to create something that feels simultaneously modern and natural.”

You’ll have to detour off Marine Drive to find Radcliffe Avenue, and so many of the homes right on the water have enviable views.

Marlowe Place

real estate

The view from a home for sale on Marlowe Place | Rennie real estate listing

In the highly desired British Properties, you’ll find Marlowe Place in the Chartwell neighbourhood. High-valued properties here have iconic skyline views, with the priciest among them assessed at a whopping $27 million.


EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock

Take a drive yourself to West Vancouver, see some of them, and then head nearby to walk along a stunning elevated pathway in the forest to take in more views.

Stonebridge Drive

5462 Stonebridge Dr. (Zillow)

Outside of Metro Vancouver, many Whistler properties make BC Assessments’ highest-priced list, so we had to mention where many of those homes are: Whistler’s Stonebridge Drive and Stonebridge Place. Not only are the homes awe-inspiring and in a secluded mountainside and forested location, but many are technically acreages, so you’d have a lot of land (up to 20 acres) to walk around while you drink pricey champagne or to park your helicopter after a heli-skiing day.

Honourable mentions in the Resort Municipality of Whistler: Sunridge Drive and Hillcrest Lane, with many homes along those streets boasting some pretty incredible apres-ski parties, or at least we can guess.

Bellevue Avenue


A $1.7 m condo for sale on Bellevue Avenue | Rennie real estate listing

Another West Vancouver street along the water, beachy Bellevue Avenue is an eccentric mix of older apartment towers and secluded waterfront homes. You can explore the neighbourhood on foot and check out local restaurants, parks, and cafes to see the views. While it didn’t make Rennie’s list, we would be amiss to not mention Sandhurst Place as well, which boasts two homes worth above $12 million.

Newton Wynd, University Endowment Lands


A house on Newton Wynd that was listed for more than $30 m | Faith Wilson Group real estate listing

You’ll want to check out the University Endowment Lands if you haven’t already because this gem of a neighbourhood holds lots of incredible homes near the UBC campus. If you spend a day walking around this park-like neighbourhood, you’ll see spectacular estates that look like they’re worthy of celebrities.

“Don’t let the UBC address deceive you, the homes in the University Endowment Lands are a far cry from student housing,” Rennie said.

university endowment lands ubc vancouver

Aerial of UBC and the University Endowment Lands (UEL). (Google Maps)

There are 38 properties in the University Endowment Lands that are on the top 500 most expensive homes in the province on the list, with the priciest of them valued at nearly $30 million. Other pricey streets in this neighbourhood are Acadia Road and Kingston Road.

Plus, nearby Marine Drive, which runs next to the ocean in this neighbourhood and is mentioned above, also has properties that fall within this neighbourhood.

“Newton Wynd possesses a unique mix of modern masterpieces and retro bungalows with a glamorous, nostalgic feel,” said Rennie.

Vancouver Island’s pricey properties


While there wasn’t one street in particular that stood out for Rennie on Vancouver Island, we didn’t want to neglect the massive mansions that have made the top 500 BC Assessment list this year and where they are found. Lands End Road in North Saanich boasts a $17 million acreage that would be an ocean lover’s dream. Maybe unsurprisingly, though, it’s the Oak Bay area that sees the highest number of pricey properties on Vancouver Island, with Humber Road and Rutland Road both boasting some multi-million dollar homes.

Which one of BC’s priciest streets would you want to live on? Let us know in the comments below.

With files from Sarah Anderson