BC woman sues friend for thousands in unpaid holiday loans

A dispute over an alleged personal loan turned sour after one friend turned to court to get the money back.

Navpreet Bassi and Alisha Payal Chand went on three holidays together, including two trips to Las Vegas and one to the Dominican Republic. According to the BC Civil Rights Tribunal, Bassi paid $6,684 for Chand’s holiday expenses, of which only $3,000 was repaid. Bassi decided to sue for the remaining $3,684 balance.

If the situation wasn’t already sticky enough, the expenses were actually paid on Bassi’s ex-husband’s credit card. Yikes.

According to the documents, Bassi had agreed with her ex-husband to use his credit card along with her own one and that she had repaid him the full amount.

Chand disputed Bassi’s claims for the unpaid loan, telling the court that the expenses paid were a gift and there was no agreement for the money to be repaid. She also said that the $3,00o she had transferred was a gift to Bassi to help her repay her ex-husband after they separated.

However, text messages between the two friends proved different.

According to the court, text messages from May 2022 show that Chand told Bassi to “let [her ex-husband] know I’ll give [the] full amount June 30.” Further texts in early July 2022 showed that Chand texted that she would transfer the funds late.

The court decided that the texts showed that Chand agreed to repay Bassi for the entire $6,684 share of the vacation expenses and was $3,684 in debt.

Chand was ordered to pay Bassi a total of $4,121.57, including the $3,684 debt repayment, $262.57 in pre-judgment interest, and $175 in CRT fees.