Aquilini drops hilarious post-game tweet and Canucks fans love it

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The Vancouver Canucks won Game 1 of their playoff series against the Nashville Predators and everyone is celebrating, even the team’s owner.

Francesco Aquilini got in on the fun after the team’s 4-2 Game 1 victory by sharing a message on social media that had those in the know laughing.

“Man, so tight, almost like a playoff game,” reads the inside joke that many Canucks fans will recognize right away.

The story goes back to 2018 when Aquilini made the exact same post during a November regular season game. He was teased on social media for equating a normal early-season game to the intense atmosphere of the postseason, especially since the Canucks hadn’t made the playoffs in a few years at the time.

The joke has stayed alive in Canucks social media circles over the years as the team continued to miss the playoffs.  As the losses piled up, the owner stopped posting as much and added more privacy measures to his account.

However, he showed some funny self-awareness and that he has at least somewhat of a pulse on the market by bringing the joke back tonight.

The post sent Canucks fans into a frenzy and led to some great reactions.

Aquilini does have his replies limited so fans couldn’t respond to the post directly but that didn’t stop them from getting their thoughts in, most often by quoting the post.

Tonight’s win was the first playoff game at Rogers Arena in nearly a decade. The energy and excitement in the arena, and the city as a whole, has been palpable as the Canucks are playing meaningful hockey games again for the first time in a long time.

The Canucks play Game 2 of their playoff series against the Predators on Tuesday night at Rogers Arena. They’ll look to double their series lead