A+ in all subjects? Not quite for BC’s universities in a new global ranking

How do BC universities rank when it comes to the subjects taught in their institutions? Well, compared the the rest of the country, there’s one school that’s pretty steadily getting top marks.

According to the annual listings from QS World University Rankings, the University of British Columbia ranked in the top 25 for four major subjects.

While this website also crowns a winner overall each year, it releases other reports, such as a breakdown by subjects, to help prospective students pick their perfect school.

Are you all about the Arts and Humanities? UBC ranked 18th in the world in that area, and SFU finished a little ways behind at 228. UVIC also saw some honours to be named in the top schools, at 316, which — compared to the rest of the world — is pretty good!

Life Sciences and Medicine saw UBC once again named best in the West but far behind the University of Toronto, which was named the best in the country, but not the best in the world; that distinction went to Harvard, followed by Oxford and John Hopkins University, respectfully. But UBC did rank 24, higher than McGill at 25.

For Life Sciences and Medicine, UBC ranked 22nd, and for Engineering, 25th, with a score of 82.7.

While UBC students can definitely brag about the distinction, they do have some fierce competition. The University of Toronto repeatedly emerged as Canada’s top post-secondary school the most times on the list, even placing among some big names in the top 10 for one subject: Arts and Humanities. UBC did beat UofT, however, when it comes to the subject of Agriculture and Forestry, according to the online ranking.

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