3 iconic snack brands that are returning to Canada

Snack foods come and go, and plenty of nostalgic favourites have disappeared from Canadian grocery store shelves without a trace over the years.

While we still mourn the loss of some (RIP Bugles), the food gods have worked their magic and brought back some iconic snacks once again.

If you’re on the hunt for a taste of your childhood, here are three nostalgic snack brands that have recently been reintroduced in Canada.

Childhood lunchtime staple Lunchables announced it’d be returning to Canadian grocery stores after 15 years. The pre-packaged kits are basically just as we remember them! Each comes with different crackers, meat, and cheese options to stack in any way you’d like.

Lunchables arrived back in Canada with five different varieties: Turkey Cracker Stacker, Ham Cracker Stacker, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Nachos. While reactions to their return to the market have been mixed, it certainly feels nostalgic.

Bagel Bites return to Canada

Bagel Bites

The much-loved pizza/bagel combo — Bagel Bites — is returning to grocery stores across Canada. After first hitting Canadian shelves in the 1980s, the brand confirmed that it would be discontinued in Canada in 2021.

Luckily for us, Bagel Bites are coming back in three flavours: cheese and pepperoni, three cheese and cheese, and sausage and pepperoni.

Skippy peanut butter returns to Canada

Hormel Foods

Peanut butter brand Skippy quietly withdrew from Canada a while ago. However, it is also set to make a comeback in the Great White North, but not as we previously knew it.

Instead of jars of peanut butter, Skippy will be launching a line of peanut butter-based snacks in Canadian grocery stores with everything from peanut butter cookie sticks to crispy thin potato cookies.

While the initial relaunch will start with five snacks, Skippy has hinted at more to come, so watch this space!

With files from Marco Ovies