Vancouver Fire Rescue responds to double number of calls in 24 hours

Vancouver firefighters say they had a busy start to the week, responding to 26 calls in a 24-hour span.

According to Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, that’s double the number of fire calls it usually sees for that period of time.

Those calls included a brush fire on Granville Street, a shed fire nearby, two fires at Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings, six dumpster fires, and 10 “rubbish fires.”

Crews also responded to a car fire, two garage fires, a fire along the Stanley Park Causeway caused by a discarded cigarette, and one person who suffered burns.

The increased number of calls comes as the region is seeing increasing temperatures, ahead of what is expected to be a hotter and drier summer.

VFRS previously raised concerns with CityNews about tinder-dry current conditions around the city, and the potential for that to spark fires.

“We’re really worried about ignition sources of all types anything producing heat,” Capt. Matthew Trudeau said last week.

Trudeau said the concern isn’t just in forested areas, adding there is a “heightened risk” of fires in parks, neighbourhoods, and in homes, too.

“We do have a ban in place for any open flames, so campfires, or any pits — all of those are banned in the City of Vancouver, including on beaches. And only approved devices used for cooking can be used in people’s backyards,” he explained.

Crews renewed their call for smokers to take extra care following the fire on the causeway, saying people need to ensure they are disposing of smoking material responsibly.