‘Unforeseen repairs’ delay Vancouver’s Kitsilano Pool opening

Swimmers in Vancouver will have to wait a little longer to use the Kitsilano Pool this year after “unforeseen repairs” delay opening day.

In an update, the Vancouver Park Board explains the dry weather needed to make repairs to the pool has only begun recently, and the pool will not be ready by May 18 when the other pools in the city will open.

“Kitsilano pool is more than 50 years old and in its end-of-life phase with many failing and deteriorating components, including the membrane, expansion joints and the concrete structure, which has added complexity to maintenance, repair, and preparation for opening,” the city said in a statement.

“It has also sustained substantial damage from storms over the years,” the city explained, referencing the damage caused during an atmospheric river in 2021.

While no date for opening has been set, the city says repairs will continue over the coming weeks, and it hopes to have the pool open to swimmers in early June.

“We recognize that the pool holds a special place in the hearts of Vancouverites as an iconic facility, synonymous with summer. Staff are doing everything they can to open the pool when it is safe to do so and are committed to providing updates on any further delays,” the city explained.

New Brighton and Second Beach pools will open to swimmers on May 18.