Cycling advocate calls for more bike infrastructure amid UBC study on e-bikes

A local cycling advocate says there is a clear need for more bike infrastructure in Metro Vancouver.

This comes as a new study shows an increase in e-bikes use across the province.

Laura Jane, executive director for HUB Cycling, says that while biking infrastructure has improved a lot over the years, there are still a lot of gaps.

“Over 40 per cent of people in Metro Vancouver, for example, say they want to cycle more often, but don’t,” Jane said.

“And for many of them, it’s because there is a lack of safe infrastructure near where they live, or near where they they need to go.”

This come as a new UBC study highlights the use of e-bikes.

Alex Bigazzi with the university says the study is based out of Sannich and suggests rebate programs for e-bikes significantly reduced car travel and carbon emissions.

He adds that those who got e-bike rebates reduced their car usage by 49 km per week.

“We did calculate the greenhouse gas savings, and they were large, averaging about 16 kg per week in terms of carbon dioxide reduced from the incentive recipients.”

Jane says plans are underway by TransLink and various municipalities to build hundreds of kilometers of bike lane networks sometime within the next decade.