BC SPCA says pet food bank supplies down due to provincial emergencies, high cost of living

The BC SPCA says it is seeing an ongoing decrease in donations of pet food and supplies, just as the need for them is growing.

The drop in donation is presumably related to the higher cost of living in B.C., the society says.

“Across the province, we have seen less pet food donations coming into our centres,” says BC SPCA outreach specialist Diane Waters.

“Everyone understands that the increased cost of living makes it more difficult for people to donate, but unfortunately, this is exactly when the need is greatest for the clients of our pet food banks.”

According to the group, emergency situations, such as the Fort Nelson wildfire evacuation, are also exacerbating the issue and depleting pet food bank shelves quickly.

“In these emergent situations, we need to make quick adjustments and move supplies that were destined for one animal centre to another where the evacuees are located so we can support them while they are away from home,” she said.

Donations of unopened pet food, supplies, and cash for the food banks are very welcome, Waters says.

“Our biggest need right now is dry and wet cat food and cat litter,” she said.

The BC SPCA says it is is also looking for volunteers to help collect and distribute pet food and supplies.

Waters says the reasons pet owners reach out for help from the pet food bank vary widely.

“People from all age groups can have a variety of reasons for needing temporary support from the BC SPCA, including families who come together to get the food and other supplies they need for their pets from our animal centres and community food banks,” she said.

“Sometime a pay cheque just can’t be stretched to the end of the month and people need a little help.”