Building a townhouse in Vancouver is now faster and easier

A photo collage of four types of townhouses
May 10 2023 –

Last night at Public Hearing, Council approved changes to zoning in select areas of the Cambie Corridor that will make it easier and faster to build up to 1,600 much needed townhomes, by removing the need for a rezoning. 

This change will allow applicants to proceed directly to a development permit application for townhouses, helping to simplify and streamline the delivery of family-oriented, missing-middle housing, and is possible because the infrastructure needed to support this growth is in place. Staff are continuing to identify areas in the Cambie Corridor eligible for similar zoning changes, and will be reporting back to Council at a later date. 

“Vancouver needs more housing of every type, and reducing wait times for housing development is a priority for us,” said Mayor Ken Sim. “This change provides certainty and has the potential to save between 10-12 months of processing time when building more family-oriented housing in the Cambie corridor.”


This initiative is part of the Cambie Corridor Plan, a framework to guide change and growth over the next 30 years along the Canada Line. This plan specifically allows for new ground-oriented townhouses geared towards families in areas off major streets, adding more diverse housing options, and increasing homeownership options.  

The plan builds on the distinct character and context of the corridor’s neighbourhoods to create complete communities with places for current and future residents to live, work, shop, play, and feel part of a community.

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