Police warn of high-risk killer and sex offender now living in Vancouver

A convicted killer and sex offender at high risk of violence is now on day parole and living in Vancouver, police warned on Thursday.

Scott Mackay poses “a significant risk” to women and sex workers in the community, Vancouver police said in a news release.

The 61-year-old is currently serving a life sentence for the second-degree murder of University of Victoria student Marguerite Telesford in 1987, and was previously convicted of two assaults on sex workers and forcible confinement.

However Mackay was granted six months of day parole last month, despite the National Parole Board of Canada finding he was at a high risk of violently re-offending if released.

The parole board’s decision noted he is a person of interest in another unsolved homicide and says Mackay will live at a halfway house for the duration of his day parole.

“Having weighed and considered the board’s concerns against the mitigating factors of your case, the board finds you will not present an undue risk to society if released on day parole,” said the board’s decision.

Police say Mackay is 5 feet, 10 inches tall with a slim build, hazel eyes and short grey hair.

Mackay has a 10 p.m. curfew and must abide by several other parole conditions, including not consuming or possessing alcohol, drugs or pornography, police said.

He is also forbidden from being in the presence of sex workers and driving a vehicle, and must report all contacts with women to his parole officer, according to VPD.

Police say anyone who sees Mackay violating any of his parole conditions should call 911.


Posted in CBC