Vancouver Island has one of the ‘most charming towns in Canada’ and it has over 40 totems

Cozy cafes, quaint shops and over 40 totems await in a small town in B.C. that has been named among the most charming towns in Canada.

The town is about a 1.5-hour BC Ferries ride from Vancouver and it’s a beautiful spot to visit during the summer.

Sports betting platform Betway revealed a list of the most charming small towns in Canada and the U.S., with several Canadian small towns being featured.

Located on Southern Vancouver Island, Duncan came in fourth on the Canadian list. The B.C. town was recognized for having the joint second-most museums of any small town on their list, as well as the fourth-most parks.

“What you might not know is that Duncan is referred to as the ‘City of Totems,’ more than 40 of which can be found in the downtown core – so they’re definitely worth visiting, too,” Betway said.

Duncan’s most well-known area is its downtown strip which has over 300 vibrant shops and services, as per the Duncan website.

You’ll find over 40 totems standing in the downtown area as well as cute cafes and small boutiques selling everything from flowers to books and locally handcrafted goods.

Once you’re there you can go on a Totems Tour, which will teach you the original stories told by the artists for each of the poles.

One of the most popular events throughout the summer is the Duncan Farmer’s Market which runs every Saturday morning. You’ll find dozens of farmers and artists at the market selling their fresh produce and unique goods.

Duncan wasn’t the only town to be featured on Betway’s list. Langley took the second spot on the Canadian list.

So if you’re planning a road trip to Canada’s West Coast, make sure you don’t skip out on visiting these two B.C. towns!

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