Fake gold, jewelry schemes target victims in Richmond, police say

Police are warning of fake gold and jewelry being sold in Richmond.

Richmond RCMP said that suspects have been using different techniques to lure victims into buying their fake valuables and stealing vanity items.

One is by telling victims that they need to sell the items because they need the money to feed their family, and in some cases, they’ve had family members present including children to add to the financial facade, according to police.

In other cases, police said, suspects would place the counterfeit pieces onto the potential buyer, before pickpocketing them for the jewelry they already own. In these incidents, they would take back the fake items as well.

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“If it seems too good to be true, it definitely is,” Cpl. Adriana O’Malley said.

Richmond RCMP said that you should never engage with someone trying to sell gold or jewelry on the street or go to an ATM or bank to withdraw money from that individual.

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“We can’t stress enough if someone approaches you on the street offering to sell you gold or jewelry, regardless of their explanation, say no and walk away,” O’Malley said.

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