“You need to relax”: People are defending this Tesla driver’s bad park job

In a strange turn of events, the court of public opinion appears to have sided with a bad driver in Metro Vancouver after someone shared a post of the vehicle parked outside the lines in a local parking lot.

The photo was shared in a Facebook group called Metro Vancouver Learns to Park and Drive and shows the car about a foot from the orange line near a Canadian Tire when it really should be within the lines.

“Perfect,” the post sarcastically reads, along with a photo of the Tesla vehicle.

However, despite the group often seeing commenters go for the throats over poor driving behaviour, the majority of these commenters seem to think it’s totally fine.

“He parked [sh*tty]..but it affects no one.. if you care you [need] to relax,” one person chided.

Another person argued that while it’s absolutely inexcusable to park over the lines in a parking lot, in this case, the driver was simply in the driving lane and not taking up more spots.

“[D]idn’t over lap and take over 2 spots. At least op didn’t post anonymous,” they argued.

The poster stated that the vehicle was at an angle and in the middle of the road, and they “just thought it was funny more than anything” and that it was just a harmless post showing “poor parking skills.”

Another person cautioned that the driver was going to get their karma anyway.

“Parking next to a light fixture invites bird poop. I read somewhere that birds unload as they take off,” they said.

The reaction reversal reminds us of the albeit surprising support from Daily Hive readers after we shared a story about a Lamborghini driver who took their massively expensive ride to Cultus Lake for a camping weekend last year.

Wayne Liang, the Lamborghini owner, told Daily Hive in a previous interview that it was not the most practical car to bring to camp but stressed that he didn’t intend to show off.

“When I am in town, I like to go for long road and drive as much as possible. It’s good for the car. And it’s sitting there collecting dust for a lot of the year. So I would like to take advantage of the good weather during the summer months,” the e-commerce entrepreneur said in June 2023.

“I want to shake this person’s hand! I find their commitment oddly endearing,” one person agreed.

Others were impressed that he shared his cookies with other campers and let kids snap photos of his car.

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