We tried a scoop of Canada’s best 2024 ice cream and we can’t get enough

I’m a coffee lover. Not just a coffee drinker, though the beverage has been a staple in my daily routine for the better part of the last decade…

No, I love coffee and the roles it’s played in my life. When I moved provinces, I got to know my new city by trying its various cafes. I was a barista throughout my undergrad, and I’ve had many great conversations with friends over iced lattes and cold brew.

When I heard about Chapman’s Super Premium Plus Cold Brew Coffee ice cream, I was a tad skeptical. I’ve found that coffee-flavoured ice cream often runs the risk of tasting overly artificial, but in this case, I was drawn to the promise of a real cold brew taste. And once I found out this ice cream had been voted the best ice cream in Canada, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Made with real cold brew

Chapman’s new Super Premium Plus line of ice cream utilizes the highest-quality ingredients while still maintaining an affordable price point to create a luxurious and attainable ice cream experience. This lineup is also free of peanuts, eggs, and other nuts, making it accessible for those with common allergens.

While each flavour is enticing in its own way, Cold Brew Coffee goes above the standard expectations of ice cream. It’s not just cold brew flavoured — it’s made with actual cold brew coffee from Birch Bark Coffee Co., an Ottawa-based Indigenous-owned business.

This is Chapman’s first co-branded product, and it goes beyond merely supporting a local Indigenous business. A portion of the proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to clean drinking water initiatives for Indigenous homes across Canada.

Voted Canada’s best ice cream (actually)

Two men shake hands as they exchange an award for Chapman's Cold Brew ice cream.

Ashley Chapman from Chapman’s with Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow from Birch Bark Coffee Co. receive the Product of the Year Award (Chapman’s Ice Cream)

Chapman’s Cold Brew Coffee ice cream was awarded Product of the Year in the ice cream category, as voted by Canadian consumers in a Kantar survey that reached over 4000 people.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted product innovation award, which makes the win a pretty impressive feat for an ice cream launched just last year.

The taste test

A hand holds a pint of Chapman's cold brew ice cream.

Kendall Bistretzan/Daily Hive

I was pleased to find that Chapman’s Premium Plus ice cream was available at most grocery retailers in my area, and even more so when I saw that the ice cream line was more affordable than the other brands surrounding them in the freezer!

While many brands are using the “shrinkflation” tactic to sell less product for the same price, Chapman’s still utilizes the standard 500-ml container. And, because it’s not considered a single-serve product, buyers don’t have to pay sales tax.

My first bite was deliciously creamy, and I was immediately blown away by the flavour. It wasn’t too overpowering or artificial as I had initially feared, but instead had a refreshing coffee flavour with caramel-tasting notes that were reminiscent of sunny afternoons with an iced drink in hand.

As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, I found the taste to be genuinely delicious, authentic, and on par with the experience of enjoying a good cup of cold brew. The only thing that would’ve made it better was if I was enjoying it on a patio or deck, basking in the warm weather alongside my bestie.

The ice cream evokes nostalgia for the good times that have passed, and a promise of more on the horizon.

Don’t just take my word for it! Try it for yourself, and see why this ground-breaking ice cream was voted best in the country. Use the store locator to find a Chapman’s supplier near you and taste Canada’s favourite today.