Vintage luxury car lifted into Vancouver’s Butterfly building

A vintage luxury car being lifted into one of the highest floors in the new Butterfly building isn’t something you see every day.

Some Vancouverites witnessed an unusual sight downtown Wednesday: a vintage Porsche on a platform being hauled up into the sky.

TikToker Billy Langan, who was on the Butterfly to watch the spectacle, said it was a 1957 Porsche Speedster. The tower crane lifted the eye-catching grey vehicle 58 storeys up, he captioned the video.

@billy.langan 1957 Porsche speedster being lifted up 58 stories buy the tower crane on the Butterfly building in Vancouver#1957porsche356speedster #porsche #foryoupage #speed #foryou #race #crane #construction #hardwork #car ♬ original sound – Billy.Langan

Commenters were quick to weigh in, with some not understanding the motivation to go through so much trouble for a car.

“But why?! I can’t imagine any viable reason for this!”

Others’ minds went dirtier places.

“It’s only a $50,000 vehicle,” said another. “Just some eccentric multi millionaire’s furniture for Jiggy Jiggy.”

Others thought it aptly summed up icome inequality in Vancouver.

“To see this and then see Hastings nearby. What a dystopian world we live in,” said a third.

The Butterfly broke ground in 2019 and is expected to be finished this year. It was designed by Revery Architecture — the rebranded firm of legendary Vancouver architect Bing Thom.

Construction has led to traffic disruptions on Nelson Street for many months, and things turned scary in November when the chimney of the church next door collapsed, trapping several workers.

The Butterfly construction project is also restoring First Baptist Church and building social housing. The design of the highrise is said to mimic church organ pipes. The Butterfly will be Vancouver’s third-tallest tower at completion, though it may appear the tallest because it’s perched on higher ground.

Daily Hive has reached out to Westbank for more details on the luxury car lift.