Thousands of electric kettles recalled nationwide due to fire hazard — how to get a new one for free

Health Canada recalled tens of thousands of electric kettles sold nationwide on Friday due to a fire hazard.

The government department said the kettle base can overheat and melt the plastic on the electrical wire when plugged in, potentially causing a fire.

By the end of May, three incidents of the kettle base overheating had been reported. Luckily, no one had been injured as a result of the issue yet.

The recalled kettle is made by the brand À la Cuisine.

Here are some photos of the impacted models:


Health Canada

Health Canada


Health Canada

Check your kettle carefully.

If the product numbers and UPCs below match, you have one of the recalled products. The good news is that you can get a brand-new one.

Have a recalled kettle? Take these steps:

  1. Stop using the product immediately
  2. Head to a Hart Stores, Maison en Gros, Hart Home, or Hart Maison location to receive a new kettle of equal value.

Visit Hart Stores’ website here to locate your nearest outlet. You can also find the contact numbers and service hours of the outlets on the same page if you want to call to inquire further.

A word or warning: do not sell, redistribute, or give away any recalled product. The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits such actions.

Hundreds of Kawasaki engines were also recalled on Friday due to fire and burn hazards. These engines are usually found in lawnmowers and gardening equipment, so you might want to check yours.