This company is revolutionizing the way you order from restaurants in Canada

In recent years, the labour shortage in the restaurant industry has been a big struggle for businesses across BC. But an innovative new restaurant ordering system could change it all.

After seeing huge success in South Korea, t’order, a leading tablet ordering platform company, is expanding into Canada, and it’s aiming to enhance the way we dine and interact in restaurants.

Essentially, the service allows customers to seamlessly order via a tablet at their table and has multiple language options to choose from. This not only addresses staff shortages but also allows businesses to operate more efficiently — it’s a win-win!

How this restaurant ordering system works

With t’order, a restaurant’s menus and products can be showcased through images. Owners can upload seasonal menus or events to the system so that customers have access to the most up-to-date information.

Restaurant goers can choose exactly what dishes they like, customize their order, and see how much their total bill will be before hitting the order button. There is also a handy call-staff button to make sure every request, from more water to extra napkins, is swiftly answered with a single tap.

What it means for Vancouver restaurants

From shorter customer waiting times to fewer order errors and reduced labour costs, t’order can really help restaurants boost their revenue.

In fact, the cutting-edge tech is already making waves in several restaurants and cafes throughout the city. Metro Vancouver businesses that have already implemented t’order include Mumu Kitchen on Davie St., Burnaby restaurants OO LA LA and Jejudo, Rib & Chicken on Granville St., and Sushi Town in Coquitlam — and that’s only scratching the surface. 

“t’order is the number-one [restaurant] survival solution in Korea and now it’s in Canada for small businesses in a tough economy!” says Brian Yeom, t’order CEO. 

Since its launch, t’order has been continuously making improvements to enhance its user experiences. Soon, it will have chat features to help entertain customers while they wait for their delicious food to come.

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