This Canadian province ranks as the angriest and no one is surprised

Canadians are angrier and less satisfied with life in this country than ever, especially if they live in Ontario, which is now officially the province with the most infuriated people in the country, according to new data.

The province has just ranked at the top of the latest “Rage Index,” for which residents are regularly polled to find out their mood and opinions on current events, the economy, political leadership, and more.

The results — which may not be all that astonishing given the current cost of living and housing crises, among everything else that’s going on right now — showed that residents have gotten progressively less happy with the state of things.

Other recent surveys, as well as the public sentiment online, unfortunately paint a similar picture of how people have lost complete faith in the province lately.

Overall, people were most frustrated about the Canadian economic landscape (67% were annoyed or moderately angry to very angry), the latest stories in the media (63%), and changes happening in Canada (61%).

More than half of respondents were also upset with the current federal government (60%) and provincial government (56%).

Citizens were found to be 9% angrier (annoyed, moderately angry, or very angry) across all the topics covered by the poll than they were the last time the survey was conducted by Pollara, which was at the beginning of this year.

And, most of the ire is coming from Ontario.

Based on the findings, 62% of people in Ontario specifically consider themselves annoyed or angry regarding the aforementioned talking points.

This is 7% more than was measured in January and 4% more than the next-most aggrieved provinces (which were Alberta and BC, both at a 58% dissatisfaction rate when it comes to these things).

The firm also noted that Gen X seems to be the angriest of all age groups in Canada, while those who identify as Conservative are the most outraged of any political affiliation.

“This Rage Index shows the highest level of anger across Canada in the nearly two years we have been tracking this. This includes new highs when it comes to the share of Canadians angry about the economy, and angry towards the provincial and federal governments,” Pollara writes.

“The federal budget has also done nothing to dissipate the level of anger towards the federal government, as more Canadians have negative (40%) rather than positive (18%) feelings towards the budget.”