Suspected drunk driver bites BC police officer: RCMP

A woman who was pulled over on a BC road for reports of impaired driving bit a police officer, RCMP said.

According to Mounties, it was told a woman was seen consuming a large quantity of liquor before getting in a 2008 Hyundai Accent and driving away in the Greater Victoria area.

Officers located a 24-year-old driver near Brock Avenue and Jacklin Road in Langford, and they told the suspect she was being investigated for impaired driving, “she became belligerent and ran away,” RCMP said.

Amid a “brief” foot chase and physical struggle, the woman bit an officer’s arm, RCMP said in a statement.

“The West Shore RCMP officer received minor injuries in this incident and is expected to fully recover,” the statement added.

The woman was arrested for impaired driving, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

After she was held in custody, she attended court on June 7 and was been charged with:

  1. Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle Sec. 320.14 (1)(a) Criminal Code;
  2. Refuse to Provide a Breath Sample Sec. 320.15(1) Criminal Code;
  3. Obstructing a Police Officer by Resisting Arrest Sec. 129(a) Criminal Code;
  4. Assaulting a Police Officer 270(1) Criminal Code.

The courts released the suspect, and she will appear again within the coming weeks.