Summer lovin’: 9 best spots for a hot first date in Vancouver

After a little more of the wet stuff, summer weather is expected to arrive in the city, and with it comes a prime opportunity to explore the best first-date spots in Vancouver.

From some of the city’s natural wonders to its urban institutions, there are plenty of stunning spots to take your prospective partner on a first date.

…As long as you’re lucky enough to find someone who wants to go on a first date with you, that is.

Sure, you could take your partner to Stanley Park and do the typical Vancouver thing, but there are plenty more lesser-explored parks to visit in the city.

One of those parks is Queen Elizabeth, which has plenty of nature to enjoy, stunning views of Vancouver, and a cool natural museum in the Bloedel Conservatory.

Where: 4600 Cambie Street

First dates can be a ton of pressure.

One way to take some of that pressure off is to go somewhere where things are happening.

Guilt & Co is the perfect place for it. The Gastown institution features live music every night and would give you and your date something to talk about to take the edge off. It welcomes all genres, so you’ll surely find something you and your date would enjoy.

It helps that Guilt & Co is just a cool spot overall with good food worthy of your time.

Where: 1 Alexandra Street, Underground

Who doesn’t think it’s romantic to go on a date at a theme park? Well, unless you’re a little squeamish on the rides, that is. But you don’t have to go on any rides to have a great time at Playland at the PNE.

Vancouver’s theme park has new rides and attractions this year. It’s especially romantic at night when all the lights are glowing.

While the park is open for select days in May and June, it’ll be open Wednesday to Sunday in July and August until 5 pm, plus select Fridays and Saturdays till late.

Click here for more info on hours.

Where: 2910 East Hastings Street

While any Vancouver restaurant would make a great first date spot, there’s something about Nuba’s Gastown location that’s particularly warm and intimate.

It’s even cozier if you’re lucky enough to be seated on the comfy couch in the back corner of the feel-good Lebanese establishment.

Where: 207 West Hastings Street

While it might strike you as a tourist attraction, the Vancouver Lookout can be a fun place to explore with your partner, which includes learning about some of Vancouver’s history.

You’ll have a full 360-degree view of this beautiful city, which could inspire some romance.

Where: 555 West Hastings Street

A walk around the downtown core

vancouver first date


Some items on this list require you to spend money, but that doesn’t need to be true. What makes Vancouver great in that regard is how walkable the city is and how much beauty you can see in a short time on foot.

Vancouver is one of the most walkable cities in North America, and as long as you and your partner have the legs for it, you could make a great first date around exploring the city on foot together.

While hiking up the Grouse Grind probably isn’t the best idea for a first date unless the two of you are athletes or gluttons for punishment, you can still get up the mountain via the Skyride and treat yourself to one of the most beautiful views in BC, overlooking the entire city.

Here’s Welcome, a “proud community pub,” is a lovely, low-key spot for a first date. With affordable food and drinks and fun games that you and your partner could play, it has all the makings for a great night.

They’ve even got fun community events like trivia and karaoke.

Though, depending on your chops, karaoke may not be the best idea for a first date.

Where: 3917 Main Street

One of Vancouver’s many museums or galleries

Silence on a first date can be quite awkward. However, the great thing about visiting an art gallery or a museum is that silence is often encouraged, so even if things get a little quiet, it’s not all that weird.

Plus, there’s plenty to see at places like Science World, the Vancouver Art Gallery, or a place like HR MacMillan Space Centre, so you won’t be forced to be quiet for long.

Science World and HR MacMillan Space Centre even offer “after dark” experiences that are more adult-oriented.

What’s your best option for a first date in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments. And hey, if you’re single and want to meet people or just don’t care about dating, click here, or here.